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Really excited about this app after upgrading Windows to the Creators Update. The Win10 Tweaker allows you to expand, collapse, or control settings in Windows 10. You can also find which applications or programs are using system resources, find out how your system is performing, and even troubleshoot devices connected to your computer. It is a great tool for anyone who wants to control their Windows.

The Win10 Tweaker is so easy to use I was able to figure it out in a matter of minutes. It also has a lot of settings and I am a novice user, so it took me awhile to find the setting I was looking for, but it was worth the time. I think Microsoft should have included this in the Fall Creators Update.

I noticed “Cleanup unnecessary data from Internet Explorer” when clicked on in Wiineero Tweaker. This forced me to relaunch Internet Explorer, but I noticed Windows Defauls registry key had been changed.

I have noticed “Cleanup unnecessary data from Internet Explorer” when clicked on in Wiineero Tweaker. This forced me to relaunch Internet Explorer, but I noticed Windows Defauls registry key had been changed.

What would make it better is if the Tweaker icon was allowed to remain loaded into ram after it has been closed. This would avoid the minor processor overhead of loading the app before being used for a brief time every few days.

I was using the Tweaker utility on Windows 7. It did pretty much everything I needed including letting me change my theme. But it really wasn’t doing much. I don’t remember exactly what changed my decision to drop Windows 7 and try Windows 10.

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I have many add ons installed for Win 10, some are freeware, others are trial for a period of time. I am trying to figure out if I can just download the.rar file and then install via WinuOTU. What I am wondering is should I install the entire new build or will just installing the latest version of Win10 Tweaker will allow me to install all the new addons since there is no way to add the program to my custom list of WinuOTU programs.

The dimentions of my task bar were not correct in WTweaker. So, I wrote an script in Winaero Tweaker to change the size of my task bar to what I want, then I input the dimentions of my task bar, and saved that script as a new profile for Winaero Tweaker (we are not familiar with this concept? hm, maybe that s why it is not very known in world?) As I said, I do not know how other tweakers are doing this, I did it by right-clicking my task bar in Win10, but in Win7 I just set that task bar size in Control Panel. Not many clicks, not really hard, not a lot of time, easy to get used to this in few hours I guess. Then, just write a script in Winaero Tweaker to “Copy to” the script from here ( download here here ). And, you have an improved task bar from Win7 to Win10 for the same settings at the same time (IMO, only one script should do, like I said already, I am not familiar with this concept. Remember that Winaero Tweaker is just another tweaker, but also a user, just like you, so we know what will do to our system, hmm? am I right? If so, then that is what we have always wanted from Winaero Tweaker). And, since that did not change, my next idea would be to make a function that would check any task bar size, and then set it in that script if not already set (in there right now, and that is not working. I suppose it s becuase it s not checking for taskbar size in Tweaker. If someone can do that, I will be very happy.).
And, you will have the same result I have, not exactly, but similar, because it is Winaero Tweaker that you should consider, and not the script you have just downloaded. If you want to know anything about the script, just ask me 🙂
And, I need a reminder if I will say this for some time, I do not want to lose the transparency on Win10 because we want a dark, but not black text on light gray background, even when the taskbar is transparent. I have not decided yet if I want to make that change from my side in Winaero Tweaker, if I will keep this taskbar in transparent mode for some weeks or some months, OR just leave it unchanged (and then other tweakers (like you) can do what ever they want, and not ruin all my work and the vision of Win10).

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What’s new in Win 10 Tweaker Pro 19.0?

What's new in Win 10 Tweaker Pro 19.0?

I am using Windows 10 and have to use Winaero Tweaker 19.0
I don’t like the new color theme and I would like to revert to the old one.
I have tried to change the settings in Winaero Tweaker and in Win10 settings but it does not seem to work.
I would appreciate it if someone could help me.

Not the problem I mentioned here. But is there a way to automatically increment the end date by one year if the user has not changed it since the last time? Im using the software to manage some hundreds of computers and I dont want people to forget to change the end date each year. I know this can be done automatically in a batch script but you need to specify all variations of the date format. I wonder if it can be done with the Tweaker app?

Change time zone:
I am in Zürich, Switzerland. Zürich is UTC+01:00.
I’m in Google Chrome and I closed the tab. I closed the tab so the page does not reload and I opened it again. The clock is not set to the right time zone anymore, it’s still the same time in Zürich.
I did the following:
1. Created a shortcut for Windows Tweaker.
2. Opened a tab to “clock” in my task bar and clicked on the clock. It started the clock with my time zone. I started the clock from my taskbar to have the right time zone. (it is still wrong)
3. Clicked on the clock in the taskbar. It opened a new tab to my Windows settings. I set “timestamp and time zone” to the right time zone. Then I closed the tab and clicked on the clock. Then the clock is set to my time zone.
My time zone is 13 hours behind the UTC+01:00, but still the clock in the taskbar is correct.
Then I did the following:
1. Locate a blank area in the bar.
2. Right clicked on the blank area and clicked on “New”.
3. I created an event.
4. The event has a “trigger” “everything” and a “action” “right click”.

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Win 10 Tweaker Pro 19.0 System Requirements

  • Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 / Windows 10 Home / Windows 10 Pro
  • 1 GHz Processor
  • 512 MB Memory (not really sure how much is required)
  • Winaero Tweaker

Win 10 Tweaker Pro 19.0 Features

Win 10 Tweaker Pro 19.0 Features

  • Hide Tablet Mode Tile from Action Center
  • Toggle Tablet Mode on or off via Desktop Context Menu

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