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You can use VirtualBox to develop and test your applications. VirtualBox can be set up to expose hardware devices (e.g., a video card or network interface), to run as a file system, to share folders on a network, and to open files from the host filesystem. With Linux or Mac OS X systems, VirtualBox can be controlled via the VirtualBox Manager .

VirtualBox is provided with a group of additional drivers: Graphics, Storage, USB, Network, Audio, and Legacy (e.g., for IDE devices). The VirtualBox documentation describes the usage of the legacy drivers.

VirtualBox Portable enables the development of applications using a commercial development tool on any single-board computer running VirtualBox. This makes it possible to write applications for a 32-bit RISC OS system or for a 64-bit Linux or Mac OS X system.

VirtualBox VMs are more flexible than those of other virtualization environments. You can use a virtual machine to run multiple operating systems at the same time without conflicts. This flexibility enables users to take full advantage of VMs on a wide range of systems, such as thin clients, x86-64, ARM, and embedded devices.

VirtualBox can execute its own virtual machine monitor and can run other virtual machine monitors in user mode. This means that one single virtual machine can be run on different virtualization platforms, without needing to install a separate software on the guest operating system.

VirtualBox allows users to create a virtual machine from a template that is intended to be reused. You can use a template to create a more efficient development environment than a standard virtual machine would provide.

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VirtualBox has a lot of items in its menus and toolbars. You’ll probably never need to go beyond the top menu bar and the left hand side of the main screen unless you’re in the advanced mode where you’ll need to configure some setup. The other tabs will give you the info you need when you’re using the app, such as your settings, settings from the Guest Additions, and tools.

But this virtualization is really a stripped-down version of the experience you’ll get with Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion, not the most powerful feature of either of them. But VirtualBox Download Free works fast and well for a free product, and at the lower price point, it’s easy to justify installing just for the better editing experience.

Many experts say VirtualBox is one of the best free software tools for virtualization. I’m not a fan of the Apple’s proprietary hardware, but I like the VMPlayer-based VirtualBox. Apple provides the most up-to-date version of VMBox, although there are bugs that you’ll eventually encounter. Apple uses the VMware format when it ships a new version of OS X so VMBox is effectively in freeze.

If you buy a new computer running macOS and have to put Windows 10 on it, you should check out the virtualization software that you can use with the computer. Since VirtualBox is free, it’s easy to see which software works well with the operating system.

To my dismay, the VMware player for running Windows or the new Windows 10 in the cloud aren’t that well developed. A friend of mine owns a MacBook Air and was having issues with an old Windows laptop when he switched from VirtualBox to the new VMware player. When my friend returned to using VirtualBox, he said his laptop responded better. In my case, I’ve had problems getting Mac OS X, Windows and Linux to install correctly, but VirtualBox has worked better for me than the other virtualization software I tried.

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VirtualBox Features

VirtualBox Features

Other new features in the public beta include:

  • VirtualBox now supports the Virtual Framebuffer (VFB) extension and implements its own Linux Framebuffer (LFB) driver.
  • Linux guests now use the VFB extension by default.
  • All guest operating systems can use the VirtualBox Guest Additions in VirtualBox 4.1 (as opposed to only Fedora and openSUSE guest operating systems in VirtualBox 4.0).
  • VirtualBox guests can now use the “PXE Boot” extension and a new VirtualBox Packaged PXE Protocol implementation.
  • Host USB devices (including webcam devices) are now automatically unplugged when the virtual machine is rebooted.
  • VirtualBox is now licensed under a new version of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

VirtualBox doesn’t limit you to using Windows or Linux – you can now run 64-bit x86 and AMD64 operating systems in a virtual machine – such as Windows Server 2003 64-bit or Windows Server 2008. Choose your operating system and the VirtualBox Add New Virtual Machine wizard will guide you through configuring your virtual machine and starting it.

VirtualBox is the first product of its type to support 64-bit guest operating systems and servers such as OS X, Solaris and Linux. The public beta includes a full set of guest operating system drivers including support for network file sharing and USB 2.0 support. Guest operating systems can be configured to run with USB 2.0 support disabled and it’s also possible to manually configure the USB 2.0 support.

VirtualBox is developed by Oracle as part of its Virtualization research and development group and is based on the Hypervisor Development Kit (HDK) that is part of the Open Source AMD64 Virtualization Software Solution (VSS).

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VirtualBox Features

VirtualBox Features

  • Built-in fullscreen mode: See your entire screen in a window, even when your entire screen isn’t fit to the screen. Just drag any part of the screen to the top, bottom, sides or corners to bring it back.
  • Built-in mouse support: You can also drag a window around and move it around your desktop.
  • Local clipboard support: When you are in fullscreen mode, you can copy paste data between your host OS and the VM.
  • Video driver testing: You can capture screenshots with mouse clicks and also see the graphics card in action with a mouse click.
  • Hardware acceleration: Full acceleration of graphics and 3D features.

What’s new in VirtualBox

  • Enterprise class features Suite edition in addition to the community edition.
  • Data Recovery feature in VirtualBox 4.0.
  • Horizon View available in both desktop and server editions.
  • USB port option available in server edition.
  • Support for Intel Memory Read Technology and Intel Rapid Memory Interface Technology in VirtualBox 4.0.

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