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Studio One provides online live streaming of you productions to the world. This lets you collaborate with people from around the globe, previewing and enjoying the music you create. By sending your audio directly to DAW, youll be able to share your projects to the full extent of your studio or mobile device. Now you can keep your musical ideas at the ready, wherever you are.

To power your songs, PreSonus Studio One features multiple instruments, FX, and reverbs. Altogether, the instruments on offer in PreSonus Studio One let you create melodies, beats, chords, and more.

Rest assured, Studio One lets you create your own version of the software. Then youll be able to make as many revisions as you need or want. In addition, the Project Page lets you transfer your works and re-order your songs and instrumentation with ease. Up to 100 Projects can be stored on your hard drive. In Studio One 5, youll easily add effects to individual tracks and sections of a song without the need to re-apply them to the entire project. And with its built-in mono/stereo mixer, you can easily create multi-channel-audio versions of your songs for mixing and mastering.

Get the Most out of Studio One Professional with preSonus Sphere. Available for a low monthly fee or even lower annual membership fee, PreSonus Sphere gives you access to Studio One Professional, exclusive collaboration tools built into Studio Ones Browser, and every Studio One add-on and plug-in PreSonus makes, including Audio Batch Converter, CTC-1 Pro Console Shaper, Retro Mix Legends, and Deep Flight One. But thats just the beginning: You also get exclusive access to master class training videos, live streams, Expert Chat, and Workspaces. Its so much more than Studio One.

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In addition to upgrading Studio One, Studio One 5.5 adds a number of new features including the introduction of User Tracks in the MIDI Track. Select any MIDI device for User Tracks, or create User Tracks from MIDI files. You can now create custom instrument presets by dragging and dropping Audio Track elements on to the Instrument Track. The new Audio Track now includes a Bus button to allow you to change the selected track to non-exclusive mode. This means that all audio tracks, regardless of where they are on the timeline, will be synchronized as one audio group. This functionality can be very handy for live multitrack applications.

Studio One 5.5 adds Spectral Phase to the Project Page. Spectral Phase captures the tone and phase of a sound based on the frequency of a selected spectral area. Individual spectral areas can be selected for different instruments or effect types to reveal the tonal differences, phase behavior, and timbre. Spectral Phase includes a spectrum analyzer and phase display to get an accurate view of the sound. Spectral Phase is great for filtering, equalization, and phase correction. Simply select the area to be analyzed and Spectral Phase will automatically apply all the changes in the selected region to a spectral analysis display.

Also a big update for the Producer includes new Studio One Remote support. Now, both of your PC and Mac can share your Studio One libraries! Plug in or connect a USB/FireWire audio interface to your Mac or Windows, and search the online community to find the best recommendations. We also added two new features: scores can now be downloaded using the new Open Score Window, and the MIDI Track now allows you to delete and insert tracks.

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What is PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional and what is it for

PreSonus Studio One 5 – the most versatile music production software available on the market – is here, combining the most innovative tools and workflows available to give you the most expressive and productive approach to music creation possible. From an easy yet powerful interface to a variety of innovative workflow enhancements and tools, PreSonus Studio One 5 lets you be at ease wherever you are with a freestanding or rack-mounted desktop, a laptop, or a P.A. system. Whether youre a hobbyist or a pro, PreSonus Studio One 5 is the ultimate music creation environment.

You can order PreSonus Studio One 5 at the link above. Please call us at 615-933-6775 to place an order or make a sale, or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you with the answer and some additional information.

Studio One is a free update to PreSonus Studio One 5 For a full list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes, please refer to the Release Notes page, linked from the product description above.

PreSonus Studio One 5 is our most popular music production software and is designed to serve the needs of those who produce music for live performance. PreSonus Studio One 5 puts the flexible, intuitive, and extremely powerful PreSonus software of the past into a new modern package that is instantly at your fingertips. PreSonus Studio One 5 provides a universal audio and MIDI interface, making it possible for you to work on virtually any software or hardware platform – Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS versions included. PreSonus Studio One 5 is designed from the ground up to be the ideal music creation environment, whether youre a hobbyist or a pro.

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PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional System Requirements

PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional System Requirements

  • Intel Dual Core or higher processor (2.5 Ghz) or AMD multi-core processor with 2GB RAM or higher
  • Mac OS 10.5.8 or higher
  • 15 GB hard drive space or higher
  • 2 GB RAM for final mixes
  • 1 GB RAM for Music Production Suite
  • 1 GB RAM required for MUSIC: The Open Method. This is a must if you have a MIDI Sequencer connected to your computer. You should have 10 GB or more available disk space

What’s new in PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional

What's new in PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional

  • Export your mastered session for all popular streaming services
  • Export your mastered session for iTunes and Android/Windows
  • Target Loudness settings in the Export dialog
  • New dithering engine to minimize artifacts

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PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional Pro Version Activation Code

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