Latest Update Revo Uninstaller Pro Free Crack Download + Full Pro Version

Revo Uninstaller Pro For Free Full Cracked Ultimate Keygen For Windows

Revo Uninstaller Pro For Free Full Cracked Ultimate Keygen For Windows

Download Revo Uninstaller Pro Crack uses a variety of algorithms to search for leftover files and avoid leaving behind dead Windows shortcuts and pages, leftover files, system files, and even user files that have been moved or renamed. After the uninstall, youre asked to confirm the removal of these files and restore deleted folders. Revo Uninstaller Pro also features a system optimization mode that performs a few housekeeping tasks to make sure that your PC is running as efficiently as possible. You can also use Revo Uninstaller Pro to uninstall non-visual (non-VCL) programs, such as:

  • Applications

    • Web browsers
    • Audio and video programs
    • Softwares

    Revo Uninstaller Pro also has a Quick Uninstall feature that lets you uninstall applications in real-time, much like Windows’ Task Manager. After you specify the target program, Revo Uninstaller Pro will detect leftovers (after the program’s normal uninstall), and delete them immediately. Many programs that require a restart after uninstall, or might otherwise create problems, wont work with Quick Uninstall.

    Revo Uninstaller Pro also lets you perform a whole-house cleaning operation. You can use a combination of Quick Uninstall and Forced Uninstall to un-permanently delete any leftovers that are hard to get rid of. Revo Uninstaller Pro also monitors Windows’ cache, cookies, favorites, and other user data so that you can quickly delete those items. Revo Uninstaller Pro supports both 32- and 64-bit programs. The 64-bit version works with Windows 10, and the version of Windows on which Revo Uninstaller Pro was built in has to be at least Windows 8.1.

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    Patch For Revo Uninstaller Pro For Free Full Latest Update

    Patch For Revo Uninstaller Pro For Free Full Latest Update

    If you close Revo Uninstaller with the Uninstall button, Revo Uninstaller will continue to scan, uninstall leftovers, and list any files or registry entries that have been left over, even if you did not close Revo Uninstaller.

    Revo Uninstaller Pro’s Settings screen now has a link on the bottom to download PDF-based user manuals for each individual profile of Revo Uninstaller Pro. If the user manual is available, you can always view it on the Settings screen before you make any changes. Otherwise, you will see an I do not have a user manual page.

    You can now copy the Output Report from Revo Uninstaller to another location by right-clicking on the report, selecting the Copy as Text option, and then pasting the text into a Word, Notepad, or any other text editor.

    If you are trying to uninstall a stubborn program, making the standard uninstall option in the Programs and Features (Windows Add or Remove Programs) control panel a bit problematic, because the program is removed but some leftover data may remain on your PC. This means that you might end up with the stubborn program. However, despite that, Revo Uninstaller Pro can uninstall it efficiently and cleanly.

    Revo Uninstaller Pro is a freeware tool to remove selected and checked installed programs (32/64bit) or even all programs installed on your PC. You can even set the option to automatically check for the removal of additional programs you installed, while you were checking or unchecking the program, that you want to get rid off. You can also uninstall while keeping the data.

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    Revo Uninstaller Pro Review

    Revo Uninstaller Pro Review

    Super Cleaner offers two versions: The free version removes temporary files, caches, and Windows startup items, while the Pro version removes user files as well. That’s why it’s more powerful than Revo Uninstaller Free.

    And speaking of files, Revo Uninstaller Free still takes a lot of work. When we ran it on the 1GB of free space on our test PC, it found leftover files. However, it didn’t show those files in the list until we clicked the Remember button. That’s really not very helpful.

    The following features are only available in Revo Uninstaller Pro:

    • Applies to all Windows versions.
    • Lists all hidden, rarely used and system apps in a certain target date.
    • Detects all malicious applications and removes all traces left by them.
    • Uninstalls all illegal Win32 and UWP apps.
    • Detects all built-in apps and hides them.
    • Enumerates all installed apps and helps you install or remove and update.
    • Lists all programs and help you uninstall.
    • Detects all programs that does not leave a trace and uninstall them.
    • Saves your registry and the most important files of the installed apps.
    • Finds all keys of an installed program and remove them.
    • Automatically detects all apps and programs that have been installed using third-party tools.
    • Lists each installed software individually.
    • No longer requires that you delete the Windows directory.

    Advanced users will find the new Script Uninstaller, among the other new features, very useful. And, since it has an easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorial, anyone can learn how to use it. The custom scripts can be written in any scripting language and run with the standard MS DOS commands. More tutorial information can be found on their website.

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    Revo Uninstaller Pro System Requirements

    Revo Uninstaller Pro System Requirements

    • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
    • 1024 MB RAM
    • 1 GB HD space
    • Internet connection
    • The list of required components can be found in the user manual for Revo Uninstaller Pro which can be downloaded from

    What’s new in Revo Uninstaller Pro

    What's new in Revo Uninstaller Pro

    • Improved: Uninstaller now supports programs that have the functionality to repair a damaged uninstall. To allow a program to repair its uninstaller, it is necessary for the program to also have the functionality to repair itself.
    • Improved: Uninstaller now also uninstalls programs that are not running properly. Before, only programs with an activated error message or not responding dialog were uninstalled.
    • Improved: Uninstaller is now running even faster. In case of programs that have an error message, the message is now also displayed in the log window. This can be disabled in the preferences. In case of programs that dont respond, the program will exit immediately, but still be uninstalled.
    • Improved: When performing a repair uninstall, Revo Uninstaller now also checks to see if it can uninstall the installed files in the system folder, which can be accomplished by the “Uninstall” -button in Revo Uninstaller.
    • Improved: The “uninstallers” built into Windows can now be ignored.

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