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All that remains are some real nice, new features that make it a worthwhile upgrade from VocalSynth 1. I cant stress this enough, though: it is a complete vocal-harmoniser that will transform your voice into a vibrant, interesting instrument. While this doesnt mean that it will work for everyone, I can tell you with 100% certainty that it will work for me.

Another benefit of getting VocalSynth 2 is that is now compatible with DAWs other than Pro Tools. While it is not a 64-bit plugin, you can convert to Mac/PC without any problem, and the 16-bit FX now work in all DAWs.

While its a fairly basic plugin, VocalSynth 2 is a step up from VocalSynth 1 in several regards. For starters, it functions much more smoothly than the first version did, as the entire synth engine is now 64-bit. It handles song data much better, more efficiently, and more accurately, and is easily laid out, with the vocal vocalised by controlling the main effect channels (Sidechain/Filter, Compressor, Reverb/Delay) and monitors (Automatic/Sidechain) as well as the FX (Sidechain/Compressor), making it a very intuitive instrument.

In addition to the rich menu layout designed to manage all the available capabilities, VocalSynth 2 can also be driven using a keyboard or a MIDI controller. Of course, driving a non-MIDI device is not only more convenient, but also makes it easier to integrate VocalSynth 2 with your existing plugins. To help you there, the on-screen mixer bar now shares the same settings as the internal automation, making it easy to match a synth part with an edit.

We built a new, modern engine based on the iZotope 2.8 synth engine to create a powerful vocal effects unit. Along with the many effects already available within iZotope, we’ve added over 90 new effects to the engine, adding some of the most requested features.

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Software License: The Software is licensed, not sold. You may not (a) copy or distribute the Software except as expressly permitted under this Agreement; or (b) rent, lease, sublicense, offer for sale or otherwise transfer the Software. This license is for the Software as a whole. The Software may not be transferred or assigned to others without iZotope’s express written consent.

TERM. This license term is for the term of the one of the latest versions of the Software, as available when installed on your computer, as specified in the Software license. As the Software may be updated from time to time, the term of this license may change from time to time. The version of the Software made available to you will have an “iZotope VocalSynth” logo on its product label and you will have the option of updating the Software to any new version or feature releases by executing the “Check for Updates” routine. Check for Updates is simply a request to iZotope to perform a remote update to download and install any updates to the software. If you wish to update your Software to a newer version of the Software you must first terminate the license and purchase a new license term, which will be valid only for that version. These license terms will not be affected by subsequent updates or changes to the Software. Licenses for each user of the Software are separate and multiple licenses are not permitted unless iZotope agrees in writing to multiple licenses. If you previously purchased or received a trial version of the Software and wish to utilize that version beyond the trial period, you must purchase a new license. You will need to provide iZotope with the documentation of the proper legal age and identity to acquire a valid license. The trial and license terms for the Software are included in the Software license agreement. Once a valid license has been entered into this Agreement, and a valid payment method has been provided, you will be given a serial number. This serial number will be required in order to obtain further updates to the Software. If you wish to cancel your license, the subscription must be paused prior to any cancellation request being processed. Once your subscription is paused, you can continue your browsing session on your computer uninterrupted.

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Who Uses iZotope VocalSynth and Why Is It Important?

Who Uses iZotope VocalSynth and Why Is It Important?

TERM. iZotope reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at any time and for any reason, and may do so without notice. Upon termination, you must cease use of the Software. iZotopes right to terminate this Agreement will survive the expiration or termination of the term of this Agreement or your use of the Software.

While iZotopes limited warranty applies to problems with the Software and our support, it does not cover any damage to your system, peripherals, or content, including loss or corruption of data or other information, mechanical or electrical breakdown of your system or peripherals, or any malfunctions or damage due to viruses, hacking, or any condition or event that is beyond our control. In addition, iZotopes limited warranty will not cover defects or malfunctions that result from your activities outside of the use of the Software or failure to take reasonable steps to protect the software from physical damage or external agents such as the environment.

CONFIDENTIALITY. Your records, data, and business communications are proprietary and proprietary to you. Any use of the Software or this documentation not specifically authorized in writing by iZotope is strictly prohibited.

EXPORT. Although iZotopes Software and all software and documentation are protected by copyright law, the laws of the United States of America may not be applicable to your use of the Software. You represent and warrant that you are an authorized user of the Software and that you will not download the Software from any unauthorized site.

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iZotope VocalSynth Features

  • Deep input processing
  • Controller mapping
  • One-knob parameter mapping
  • Easily visualize processing by looking at the VocalSynth 2 front panel
  • Breathtaking processing
  • Vocals from your personal archive
  • Vocal harmonics processing
  • High-quality settings
  • Advanced input trimming
  • MIDI CC control
  • True bypass cable
  • Create, control, optimize, and deliver presets on the fly
  • Easy voice route to/from VocalSynth 2 input and output
  • Advanced user interface
  • Load and save vocal presets
  • Free sharing of presets
  • Multiple metering and shaping, including BPF
  • Masking and key matching
  • Real-time inline analyzer

iZotope VocalSynth System Requirements

iZotope VocalSynth System Requirements

  • CPU: 1 GHz or faster
  • RAM: 512 MB or more
  • DirectX 9-capable operating system: Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7

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