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One area we were disappointed with is that the built-in video editor has been reduced to a bare minimum, with limited features including the ability to trim and split clips. If you’re trying to combine multiple clips from different sources or add some effects, you’re going to need something like CyberLink’s own PowerDirector as a standalone software, rather than CyberLink’s own DRM.]

PowerDVD Ultra also supports CyberLink’s Content Protection System for data security. It can be used to secure content you’re sharing over the internet, which is probably something you should be doing anyway. It can be used with CyberLink’s online services too, such as playback of CyberLink Media server content. Although it’s not a complete replacement for CyberLink’s offline [SmartMedia] card format for media storage on a computer, it does support much more than that. You can buy photo and video quality presets or create them, or set file size limits on what can be uploaded and stored from CyberLink Media server, as well as turning off features like the ability to add new files and photo editing features. It’s a nice, easy-to-use option for media sharing and backup.

Free CyberLink PowerDVD Download Ultra also supports the CyberLink Duo and Duo Plus Duo Plus Laser printers. For both of these, it’s a good idea to have the [SmartDrive] installed to avoid issues connecting to the printer.

PowerDVD also included PowerPlay mode for playing music in the background of other programs. Additionally, in previous versions, CyberLink Now was a web-based PC management tool, allowing you to organise your PC remotely. However, in this new release, the remote management has been merged with CyberLink Now – an unfortunate decision that means there’s no PC management or personal assistant with CyberLink Now.

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The Intel engineers were probably following their initial specs. Cyberlink engineers knew about the issues and they did their best to find a solution. They discovered one solution (found later) to have the video buffer memory for playback and the IRIS buffer memory for recording. IRIS buffer memory allows the Cyberlink team to do the work and use it when they need it.

If youre here for the video playback capability, youre already half-way there. If youre the use of the companys other features, well, PowerDVD gets high marks. Downloads are easy. You just point, click, or drag, and the software will organize its results for you. You can also share your videos with your social networks and popular streaming sites directly from the program. If youre looking to replace anything else, youre good to go. You can also disable or edit subtitles, create an HTML5 version of your movie, convert media for mobile viewing, as well as automatically trim video clips.

Its compatible with a wide range of media formats, so youre not stuck with anything. With PowerDVD 20, youll be able to play any movie format you can name, including 3D, 4K, HDMI, Full HD, SD, MiniDV, HDTV, and even more. Yes, that means that even if you havent owned a DVD in over two decades, you can play your DVDs, from the original VHS to high definition, on your laptop, laptop, smartphone, smartphone, TV or TV. And Ive got news for you, theres not a program out there that can play both Blu-ray and HD DVD movies out of the box.

You can also use PowerDVD to enable your digital life to get a little further out of the box. You can back up your digital video collection, store your photos, and video clips, and enjoy them all the time. You can also search, organize, and even re-order your downloaded video files, and you can enjoy YouTube, Hulu, or Netflix videos without downloading them first.

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The latest version of the software has been able to offer a steady frame rate of 1080p, with some hardware acceleration on both PCs and the Xbox One. The video quality is high enough to watch most modern movies, and CyberLink claims it is possible to upscale Blu-ray images to 4K.

The latest version of PowerDVD 21 is available for free to PowerDVD Ultra users. The software will be fully compatible with Windows 8 tablets and use the same simplified user interface that was used by previous versions of PowerDVD.

The software already plays 3D movies like The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (in 3D) and The Avengers, and it can now do HD Blu-ray playback, creating folder-based collections and linking content between discs. PowerDVD has always been able to play 3D movies, and now it can do so with 1% shutter glasses so you don’t have to wear ones.

PowerDVD’s 21 media player and disc authoring tools are one of the best packages on the market for anyone that wants to either stream the movies and TV shows they already own or develop their library of discs. I played a few DVD’s through the program and was pleased with the results, although a full report on that is further down.

I compared the PowerDVD 21 to another free program called Elemental MediaInfo, and although it provided similar functionality, the way it offered these functions and the way it added features were very different. While many of the features of the software were obvious and consistent across both programs, others, such as menus, UI and certain functions were only available in PowerDVD. I feel that the PowerDVD tools have significantly improved since the previous versions.

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What's new in CyberLink PowerDVD

  • The CyberLink PowerDVD 9 DVD and Blu-ray video player adds even more content viewing options to enhance the on-screen viewing experience for home and mobile viewing. These options include the latest content discovery tools, such as built-in Wikipedia and Google Search.
  • Next-generation playback up to 4K video, with a faster and smoother experience and more accurate color and contrast.
  • Virtual surround sound for improved movie immersion.
  • New movie playback engine enables faster and smoother playback while maintaining the quality of the original content.
  • New tools offer more flexibility for editing video and advanced audio content, including upscaling and downscaling to HD resolutions.
  • Take and share live streaming video.
  • New video and audio tools for to capture and capture video.
  • New tools offer more control for editing video and advanced audio content, including fade-in, fade-out, auto fade and exposure control.

CyberLink PowerDVD Features

  • Direct 2 Disc playback from several file formats, including DVD9 and DVD5; Disc dual record and burn function; 10 second timer
  • Smart Play for automated playback of the disc; DVD Fast Forward and Pause functions
  • Protects discs with AACS encryption, allowing playback in players that do not support the DRM standard
  • Native DVD menu navigation
  • Manages ISO discs with dual layer and hard-drive installation functions
  • Provides playback flexibility for disc conversion between digital formats and analog devices
  • Full support for DVD region coding systems
  • Supports all BD and HD DVD playback
  • Consistency check for menus, chapter markers, and custom media functions
  • HD DVD and Blu-ray Interactive Content Protection



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