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DaVinci Resolve is the worlds most advanced software for color correction, previewing, previewing, and color grading on a host of different hardware and software platforms! Its powerful tools allow you to quickly and easily correct basic color and white balance and create advanced edit corrections using LUT curves. You can even create your own LUT based on custom feedback from the color camera that you have connected to DaVinci Resolve as well as other color references and online color tools. Whether your preferences are for making subtle color grade tweaks or shifting the entire look of your entire feature, there is a workflow for your project. You can even determine exactly which color spaces are compatible with DaVinci Resolve color tools by simply clicking on a workspace icon in the bottom toolbar. DaVinci Resolve can easily integrate and work with the most popular color grades currently available in the industry today.

DaVinci Resolve enables you to edit footage on any of the most popular platformsthere are currently available: Red, Blue, White, Canon C200 and Atomos. DaVinci Resolve is easily upscaled and transcoded so that you can work with even the most challenging formats. DaVinci Resolves deep grading toolset is designed with grading live at the forefront to allow for incredible real-time feedback while weeding out the perfect grades. Its modern UI is designed to be simple to learn and allows you to create the perfect color grade for your image in a single click, be it videos, logos, graphic design, or any other color grade. Its optional keyframe tools allow you to adjust to any changes that occur as you navigate through your timeline. There are also automated tools that allow you to create optimized grades out of the full dynamic range of your grading camera.

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It is a great time to be a DaVinci Resolve user. DaVinci Resolve now supports Appleā€™s M1 Mac and M1 Pro! And to top it off, DaVinci Resolve Studio 16 with new, enhanced DaVinci Resolve Studio Tools. The new plugins now allow editors and colorists to grade media from any source using the M1 series, and to work on UHD and 4K image files using UHD ProRes Proxy and 4K ProRes 4444-P files.

DaVinci Resolves advanced machine learning algorithms are available to your M1 and M1Pro devices! These intelligent algorithms quickly learn the type and nature of your content and apply advanced state of the art machine learning using advanced neural networks. DaVinci Resolve incorporates new neural networks to help automate tasks, resulting in upto 300% reduction in analysis time!

DaVinci Resolve Studio 16 includes support for 9K resolution cameras with hi-res outputs. The Anamorphic Effect plugin works with both 4K and 9K formats. Plus there are new effects that use radial and axial lens effects, allowing you to add unique movie or lens looks to your videos!

DaVinci Resolve Studio 16 now supports HDR and high dynamic range. HDR provides more dynamic range and color information by encoding the entire scene. Scenes can take advantage of a full 10 bits per channel (16 levels of gray) or 8 bits per channel (256 levels of gray). That means your images can be more vivid and dramatic in 3D. If you have existing footage in Rec 709, Download DaVinci Resolve For Free will convert it automatically to Rec 601 to use with all your HDR footage in Resolve Studio. You can also generate HDR images and HDR audio signals on the fly in DaVinci Resolve Studio for multiple HDR formats.

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What is DaVinci Resolve and what is it for

Today, Blackmagic Design releases the final version of DaVinci Resolve 18, which is therefore now out of Beta. The main new features of Resolve 18 are Blackmagic Cloud support for remote collaboration, DaVinci proxy workflow, new Resolve FX, improved subtitling, AI image stabilization, and Fairlight fixed to FlexBus. Resolve 18 is now available on the Blackmagic Design support webpage.

To find out more about DaVinci Resolve you can find a number of books on Amazon, DaVinci Resolve on X and of course DaVinci Resolves Master Class . For anything else about DaVinci Resolve we suggest contacting [email protected] .

This version of the software also carries some fixes and optimizaiton improvements. Resolve users can expect optimizaiton improvements and a fix for an error that prevented users from optimizing a timeline that contains clips. Users can also expect the latest bug fixes and compatibility improvements for using Resolve directly off the Mac App Store.

This release of DaVinci Resolve is the first desktop version of DaVinci Resolve that can be purchased and downloaded directly from the Blackmagic Design website. You can download it from the official Resolve website by clicking on the davinciresolve.com or support links.

DaVinci Resolve 18 is now available as a free upgrade to customers who bought the standalone version of DaVinci Resolve 18 on or after June 6th, 2019. This upgrade is provided through the Creative Cloud Application Manager. If you are already a customer you can choose whether to upgrade to the new version from within the Application Manager. Once you upgrade, you will need to download the latest version from the downloads section of the Creative Cloud Application Manager.

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DaVinci Resolve System Requirements

DaVinci Resolve System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.13.4 or later (MacOS Mojave 10.14 included)
  • 2GB or more RAM (8GB recommended)
  • Intel i7 or newer processor
  • Intel HD Graphics 5000 (Graphics card)

What’s new in DaVinci Resolve

What's new in DaVinci Resolve

  • Bug fixes
  • Redesigned up/down/left/right arrow keys for navigating timelines
  • Redesigned up/down/left/right button key assignments
  • Fix for CTI effect on Luma Waveform de-emphasize track and Grid
  • Fix for tracking input being lost after adding a clip
  • Fix for a bug that caused iMac window to freeze if it was open, opened while the OS was crashing and the application has not been launched in over six hours
  • Fix for Quicktime performance when opening old projects with missing metadata or clips
  • Fix for a bug with the grid when adding and deleting multiple clips
  • Fix for a bug that caused the program to hang if you were not using the application for a long time.
  • Add ability to fly near or over the timeline in the to/from clip view
  • Simplified and clarified the “fire” and “frame lock” function

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