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Some of the most popular data sources for the suite’s stock media include Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and Vimeo. Both the Director Suite and CyberLink PowerDirector can link between those platforms by adding social media functions to media clips and using their tags as search suggestions and platforms. The editor now even has the capability to pick up in-browser network streams like those from the Plex YouTube and Netflix . Lastly, CyberLink’s new PhotoDirector 9 is capable of converting video to the popular WebM, WebP, MP4, MOV, and AVI formats.

The suite includes the Director Suite app (bring on those instant effects!), the VideoBlending add-on, and the Color Enhancement add-on. The Color Enhancer makes use of the suite’s imaging effects to shimmy, curl, and chill video. The VideoBlending tool gives you a lot of choices for constructing a story, from stitching a series of videos together to taking footage from your webcam, phone, or other media device and using it in the mix as an informal narrator, to the assist of your main narrative scenes.

For example, the suite features among the richest post-processing choices that I’ve ever seen in a free or commercial video editor. Each of the suite’s multimedia tools has options that leave room for smearing, slewing, blending, and warping. These tools can create a video that looks like a mix of an original and a favorite viral video, as you’ll see in my “Navy-style man” edit (laid-back footwork) and a complete blue ocean mashup.

I found that it wasn’t just effects. The suite’s options are simply over-the-top. You can make a movie that’s a series of 3D vignettes, showing your star in contrasting environments, or you can create a vignette-based, kind of “magic eye” effect for your first-person POV experience.

CyberLink has updated the program’s Live Monitoring feature so that, when the program plays back your file in real time, you can see not just how your movies stack up in terms of file size, FPS, and camera frames per second, but also see how your shadows and highlights compare to the tone-mapped details of the render engine. You can see the same information in the program’s timeline, but with the added bonus of watching the audio waveform at the same time, making it easier to match the audio and video.

PowerDirector includes an eyedropper tool, which is a quick way to get color and light information without having to open up a separate window, or worse, close down PowerDirector. Hit the eyedropper tool in the Effects toolbox, and it brings up a frame of your clip, plus the ability to let you pick up color, adjust light, or see that your colors are too rich or muted. Either of the three-button toolset should be enough for most tastes.

There are many more methods of color correction beyond the basic Hue, Saturation, and Luma choices (and the use of Clips, called masks in some programs). CyberLink’s slider shows you how much of the frame is clipped for a given color, helping you correct edges and exposure. You can use the Focus tool to make sure that objects in the foreground are sharpest and that the background is softer and more indistinct. You can play with the Drive tool to adjust the speed and curve with which an object moves, and make it disappear more slowly. There are more, and I was having the most success with the Color Grading tools. The Color Balance tool is like the curve tool in that you can make colors look darker or lighter; the Fader can shape the tones from key to shadow to flesh; the Contrast Balancer makes light and dark areas darker or lighter; and the Color Histogram tool shows you the entire range of color from black to white. To get a closer look, you can roll your mouse over the tool.

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What's new in CyberLink Director Suite 365 v10.0?

You can now back up a CyberLink content pack by clicking the file’s data icon. This data backup lets you restore the pack if you accidentally delete it or lose it. Other new features include an Information Viewer and a photo gallery viewer. These are available from CyberLink’s PowerDirector Photo Editor Premium Crack crack, and you can also use them to inspect your computer’s files and to create disc images.

The Video Clip Maker Tool 3.0 gets the ability to change the order of clips in your project. And, new Editing and Retiming options let you set your videos to fast-forward or rewind, or you can change the default start time by a few seconds. You can also trim the clips, set a start and end frame, remove frames, and copy and paste. You also get a new Split Clip option that pulls one clip out of a video in two smaller clips. DirectorZone and New Movie Wizard come with new editing tutorials.

The PowerDirector Edit panel has been redesigned, and new controls have been added. The Source Mode is new to this version, and you can apply it to any segment of a video or to individual clips. PowerDirector v10.0 Edit panel and Source Mode can import multi-track audio and video. The new Tools tab includes a Disc Copy Assistant. You can copy your DVD to a file or a disc for a live performance.

Whether you choose to paint your own graphics or use the included templates, PowerDirector’s Photo Editor can help you make your own effects and still images. You can get effects like Fire, Shadow, and Light, as well as a host of other cool touches.

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  • CyberLink’s new PowerDirector lets you import video and/or audio from a file, YouTube or other URL directly into the timeline.
  • Add more content to the timeline, and assign one (or more) media paths to each content to its timeline entry.
  • More special and useful effects with Sonic film effects.
  • Organize content in the timeline by placing more than one content into a video or audio node.
  • Edit the audio track to make the timing and recording match.
  • Drag and drop-reorder the content in the timeline.
  • Make and apply customized style templates.
  • Set the Master Time to start and stop.
  • Synchronize the frames of video or audio to create a video flip.
  • Mute the sound from a single track or all tracks.
  • Export to many formats.
  • Share your movie on Facebook, YouTube, and more

  • Pentium 1 GHz/AMD Athlon, 500 MHz
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 30 MB of available hard disk space (less for Mac)


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