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Tilt-shift and lens correction is a little simpler with VueScan than with SilverFast. The most obvious difference is that VueScan offers both tilt-shift and lens correction at no extra cost. In VueScan, you can also tweak the shift and separation in the lens correction feature. In addition, VueScan lets you rotate and flip a photo, add a circle or circular frame, or join two separate scans together, while SilverFast lets you do only one of these things.

VueScan is free. SilverFast and Photoflex are both $40 more than VueScan, and there’s no free trial version to test the software first. You can try VueScan for free for one month, and then the normal price is $29.95 per month for SilverFast or Photoflex. 

VueScan supports some cameras and scanners that SilverFast doesn’t. This is partly because SilverFast is pricier, but the most important reason is that VueScan is newer and supports more cameras and scanners.

Note that some of VueScan’s features are only available in its Advanced version.
You can see the price of the Advanced Edition at the program’s website (opens in a new window), as well as a list of the supported scanners. The Basic Edition is also available for free, but you have to supply your own scanner. Hamrick Software markets both editions of VueScan as free software, although you have to buy the Advanced Edition for the same price that you would pay for the Basic Edition in the Mac App Store. The Professional Edition is not available for free on the Mac App Store.

VueScan is a simple screen-based application. It’s a simple GUI, and most of the features can be accessed in the same way that you access anything else on your Mac. You press the buttons labeled with the appropriate icons in the window, and the programs perform the appropriate action.

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VueScan 9.7.63 has improvements to the big scan button which makes the button easier to use. The three button panel on the left is no longer in the way when you scan. If youre working with a single button and you have 3D scans turned on, it will detect a camcorder and perform the action from your camcorder.

The latest versions of the Free and Pro Version of VueScan offer the ability to import a computer file directly from its native file system instead of having to use the program’s built in scan function. This is an extremely useful feature. In some cases the files are too large to scan with scan-in to a flash drive.

Cracked VueScan 9.7.63 now allows you to save your projects as separate files which allows you to share them. If you want a photo of a specific part of a scan the free version lets you save the specific part as a separate file.

Scanner is always on, so no more random 5 to 15 minute windows when it will actually start working.
VueScan will start with a thumbnail that will zoom into the full size of the scanner glass, saving precious time of waiting for the scanner to come back to life.
dpi and other settings can be applied at the last moment and saved to the photo, when the selected image dimensions fit into the scanner’s window.
Powers on immediately instead of only after putting the power switch back on.

VueScan is able to load and process your input files in place. VueScan can’t scan several sheets of film at once, but I didn’t use it for that. I scanned the Buffalo Buffalo Foam Palace with them.
the quality is generally great, with random errors mostly gone.
This is one of the first times I used this scanner that I also could scan all 8 films
without using any kind of overlay. Now I will have to scan another 10 print negatives.

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What is VueScan good for?

What is VueScan good for?

I’ve had serious problems at times with Lexmark drivers, and I can say that I’ve never had a problem with the Vuescan beta version I bought ages ago. And it still works flawlessly and does a great job at many photo scanning tasks, including making a PDF file copy of photos, from a scanner to a ZIP file and more. I really highly recommend this program.
Plus I’m saving money since the deadline for payment has passed.

I’m so glad it’s here… I’ve been searching for a photo scanning program that will work well on my new Epson Photosmart C5100 All-in-One printer/scanner and the VueScan beta version 2.0 is great. It really simplifies the settings on the scanner, I don’t need the Photoshop plugin or the Lightroom plugin. Just set the paper size and the resolution I want and the software does the rest.
I can scan with one click from the catalog and the software keeps the file name for the scanned file so it’s saved directly to the new image (I have a PC hooked up to the scanner). And it works with Photoshop CS6, CS5, CS4 and earlier.

After following the guide in the Vuescan manual to install the updates and testing various scan modes I have successfully downloaded my first scan without error. Good job, VueScan, I have hundreds of scans I need to digitize and I didn’t have to spend $7.00 on Photoshop – I’ll keep using you for years and years.

I have a 3 year old Epson scanner and a 3-month old Canon printer. VueScan is very easy to use, and I set the page size to A4 first, and chose the desired horizontal resolution. I had one problem, I had to set the scanned image size from the “Scan” screen to exactly the size of the original picture. The software then sent a notification to my e-mail and I could find the original, with the same resolution, and placed it in the same directory.
Even though the results were much better than those from Lightroom 2, I found the program to be somewhat difficult to use. I believe much of the difficulty was in selecting the correct resolution. I will continue to use VueScan, for the time being.

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VueScan Features

  • Interfaces with popular scanning platforms such as HP, Epson, Canon, and most popular Windows device drivers
  • Machine-specific scan utilities for Mac OS and Linux
  • Fast, simple, scalable.vxd file format for human-readable document scans
  • Integrated DMS integration for accurate automatic optical sensor calibration
  • High DPI support for documents, textiles, maps, diagrams, and other higher-resolution scanned images
  • Comprehensive automatic content detection and intelligent OCR support for scanned documents, books, and other media

VueScan System Requirements

VueScan System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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