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Using High Dynamic Range lighting ZBrush will bake the lighting environment from your modeling software to your model while maintaining the resulting settings. This is typically how photorealistic artwork are produced today with a Digital Lightbox or Interactive Lights.

When you import models to ZBrush, you can get “the look” of the entire set with one click. ZBrush will look at your scene and determine the best ways to render the model based on the lighting and materials youve chosen. With the standard file format of the EOS System (EOS Standard), a viewer can look at your scenes and see the most realistic end result. With the EOS High Dynamic Range (EOS HD) file format, ZBrush will save the lighting information in the scene so it can be used as a sample when using high dynamic range lighting in the future.

ZBrush now tracks camera updates to accurately reflect the camera and scene position. And by tracking camera updates, ZBrush is able to adjust the zooming state of the scene and place your camera in the correct spot regardless of the camera. ZBrush will remember camera positions even when you change computers.

ZBrush is a great tool for artists working in the entertainment and fine arts industries, and in designing toys, sports equipment, amusement park rides, cars, aircraft and industrial equipment. The software is popular with the film and animation production community, where it allows artists to customize and refine designs before making physical components. ZBrush is also the preferred tool of hundreds of game developers and higher education researchers. The scalable sculpting tool offers unlimited applications for a wide range of industries.

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I’m trying to find software to export sculpts from ZBrush. But I’m having difficulties discovering a good package to do this. It seems that the main problem is that most packages are unusable for large sculpts.

I find that with the new rendering engine, or should I say, the first DX12 engine, the render times of Zbrush are very good, If I export in a file and import it again (say from PS to PSE), and I import it, the draw distance the file will work good, but, the re-rendering time of the file, will be slower.
Would you please advise me the reasons about that? or there’s something I need to know to fix it?

How often you export your sculpted model and how often you import it. Start with your lowest quality setting, and the Zbrush engine will be fine. But there are cases where it’ll need to render everything. Unfortunately the higher the quality setting, the longer it’ll take.

But… I have been using standard zbrush for a couple of years now… yes, I know it is far behind in terms of functionality, but I do know it is still the best one out there by far. Why spend so much time developing another one that can’t function as well as the previous versions, it is already more than 6 years old now?.
Then, you know what, you could just say… “Well it is still the best, I have nothing to do with this project anymore, so what do I care.”
I mean the new 64 bit version is actually much better than some of the older versions, and that is fine… for people who already know how to use it… which is a very small percentage of the users out there. The reason why I do not use it at work for example, is because you can not properly export the final product (left arm, right arm, and a leg) without losing a lot of details (eyes, mouth, etc.)… I have been using standard zbrush forever now, what would I do with this new version?

What is ZBrush 64 bit 2022.0.5?

On the other hand, what you can do with the new version is powerful and exciting. I’ve been using the alpha version for a couple of months and I love Zbrush for a change. A different kind of artist, usually confined to traditional methods, switched to Zbrush, and has never gone back.

It also happens to be fairly intuitive to use as well. In previous versions I often found myself trying to poke things to see if they were movable and when I could not, to find a button somewhere to press to make them work. Now I’ve got a couple of custom palettes for that. I also decided it’s easier to use my left hand to sculpt with the mouse, than to use my left hand for hitting the buttons on the keyboard. That is the main reason I switched to zBrush in the first place. More ergonomics are also one of the main reasons why I love it. Another is that I can create realistic surfaces based on my experience with other art apps. If I want to. They also fixed a lot of bugs in the old version. Not that I’ll probably complain about bugs though. As annoying as some of them were to deal with.

The entire system is extremely flexible and it allows great control over the look of the surface, as long as the workflow is smart. The workflow is really what Zbrush is all about though. With it, you can create complex and authentic sculpting or painting effects with just a few clicks of a button. You can build up your surface so a feeling of plasticity and realism comes through. Or even simply select a preset and change the default to get a completely different look. There is even a brush preset that works like an airbrush – you just paint over the surface as if you were painting in layers. You have a lot of options to fine tune every detail of the surface.

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ZBrush 64 bit 2022.0.5 Features

ZBrush 64 bit 2022.0.5 Features

  • 10.03:
  • Improved selection tagging
  • 2.06:
  • New (build-in) Simplify / Smooth
  • 4.02:
  • New option: Compact – Which will save your current context to memory
  • 4.01:
  • New: Remove Group Clipping – Removes redundant geometry

What’s new in ZBrush 64 bit 2022.0.5

What's new in ZBrush 64 bit 2022.0.5

  • OOT Framework 1.10.4
  • Sampler Improvements: improved component selection, better selection results
  • Boundary Pre-Film, Configurable Z Vertex Ordering / Z Buffer Ordering
  • Particle System improvements: improved blendmode, better blend algorithm, new matrices
  • Selective UV Projection Mapping
  • Tools Improvements: CSG / Cut, Collada support, ifd import / export support
  • Improvements to part selection history
  • 3D Support: better samples display
  • Digital Mudbox & Paperwork
  • 2D Rigid Body, Basic FormTools
  • Improved Raytrace
  • Color Histogram
  • New Modify Settings (Custom Rade, Shift + R, etc)
  • Object & Skeleton Open, Inplace Shape Fitting
  • Z Curves refitting, sculpt mode option to refit current curve

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