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BIAS Dummy sends your guitar’s signal into the front of your amp, allowing a clean amp sound that can be fine-tuned further using the BIAS FX 2. BIAS EQ is a unique blend of compression and EQ that emphasizes your high-pass and low-pass sounds, bringing out hidden detail. Mod the active EQ in the PA, or switch to BIAS Dry or Boost mode for even more flexibility.

Finally, your playing always has the chance to shine, with BIAS Shape, a unique distortion channel with a powerful low-pass filter, allowing you to shape and edit how your guitar sounds, with adjustable mid/high-pass filters and side-chain EQ.

If you want to add a low-pass filter to guitar amp simulations, BIAS Active EQ sounds much more natural than the factory EQ pedal on your guitar. With BIAS AMP 2, you can simply select a cab like a Yamaha G5T, a JBL V320, or any other custom-imported cab, and let BIAS AMP 2 do all the hard work.

An application for creating dazzling guitar and bass textures with unprecedented precision and flexibility, BIAS FX for Mac and PC provides the complete solution for modeling and replaying a wide array of classic and modern amplifiers and effects.

BIAS FX features a graphical user interface and a modern instrument-like approach to control, offering a new level of guitar synthesis power. From classic tube amplifiers to stomp boxes and modern stompbox emulations, BIAS FX gives you access to a range of analog and virtual guitar and bass tones, all curated by Positive Grid’s dedicated team of musicians and tone-smiths.

BIAS FX for Mac features in-app purchasing and is compatible with high-resolution graphic displays.

Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite Free Download Nulled Crack Ultimate Serial Key

Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite Free Download Nulled Crack Ultimate Serial Key

BIAS FX 2 Elite includes four new Custom Speaker Models, all designed to faithfully reproduce the sound of your favorite amp cabinet heads. Using unique speaker modeling techniques, Positive Grid has reinterpreted the sound of your favorite amps to match the custom DSP engine of BIAS FX 2. In addition to the three classic speaker channels with built-in tube emulation, you can also load the amp-like speaker models of BIAS AMP 2 and Stereo Right speaker cabinets. The speaker models can be assigned to any input channel with the preset buttons.

BIAS FX 2 features advanced tube and transformer emulation algorithms for added expressive power. You can combine tube-emulated speakers with transformer emulated cabinets to achieve an extra boost in realism. Each speaker model can have a tube or transformer saturation setting for even more realistic tone.

The two-channel Line Out gives you the flexibility to move your signal BIAS FX 2 from pedal to pedal. BIAS FX 2 takes your jam in the studio to the stage without all the work. Featuring exclusive enhanced hardware from BIAS amp II with its low-noise preamp and Pure Time Analyzer, BIAS FX 2 bridges the gap between plug-in and traditional analogue recording gear.

That can change the character of your signal BIAS FX, no matter what sound youre after. Whether youre after light, medium or heavy sound, or a variety of other tonal characters, you wont believe how versatile BIAS FX is. BIAS Amp 2 is a collection of classic distortions that mix low-, medium- and high-gain. You can mix and match BIAS amp 2 effects for different tones that are all easily accessible from the mixer section of BIAS FX.

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Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite Features

BIAS FX is a trusted and effective tool for emulating the sonic qualities of a plethora of guitar pedals. With its clear digital wave shaping technology and comprehensive scope of modulation algorithms, BIAS FX can recreate any and every type of guitar pedals ever produced. Whether it’s guitar distortion, EQ, filter, modulation, delay, modulation, or effects, the possibilities are endless.

The practical and feature rich BIAS FX is a great tool for any guitarists to get guitar sounds that are accurate and professional. With its simple and straightforward interface, it is very easy to use. Although it offers large number of effect types in its 64 presets, you are free to use as many effects as you wish.

BIAS FX is the most powerful companion for your digital effects, offering convincing emulation of state-of-the-art guitar pedals and racks. With its sophisticated wave shaping algorithm and large bank of vintage effects, you can select your favorite delay, distortion, EQ, filter, or any combination of them. You can easily control the sound of your pedals and racks thanks to its quick and direct ToneCloud feature. And you can import your library of great BIAS amp and amp match models to your BIAS FX for jam sessions and on the go.

With its powerful modulation algorithm, BIAS FX can easily emulate each and every modulation type. It can also emulate full analog pedals and rack effects, delivering authentic and consistent tone that is nothing short of inspirational. BIAS FX is one of the most feature-rich modulation pedals around. In addition to its fully integrated effect types, BIAS FX features delay with dynamic feedback and modulated delay. You can also use the BIAS FX as a traditional cross-platform valve distortion and a pure low-end fuzz pedal.

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What’s new in Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite

  • 15 NEW IRs!
  • 60 NEW factory presets!
  • 10 NEW Bias Offsets!
  • 30 NEW panning algorithms!
  • 5 NEW Frequency/Q Select algorithms!
  • 3 NEW Cabin Front algorithms!
  • 5 NEW cabinet types (Gundlach, Urban, etc.)

Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite Features

Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite Features

  • Guitar Amp Simulator – 16 bank of simulation models
  • Guitar Cabinet – A variety of cabinets including a vintage combo speaker, a four-speaker cabinet with digital delays, and a modern speaker
  • Power Module – EZ and wet-dry compression in one pedal
  • Massive Stomp – Digital stomp box
  • Synthesizer – 64-voice polyphony
  • Design – Possess an elegant, functional layout
  • Pricing – Not available to the public, and not included in the Deluxe version (sold separately)

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