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When I see the bug reports in Blender Bug, I see them quickly disappear. But I never see things close to the actual programming, what kind of programming are these reports about, it just seems to me that Blender Bug is more of a ticketing system where the developers just mark them as resolved instead of fixing the actual bugs. I just posted a bug report on Blender Bug and theres a vote to close it as invalid, others say its an actually problem with Blender, others say its a C program that just does not work with Blender, I dont know of this Blender bug system is truly working. I think that it’s time for Blender to move to C#, Java or even something more programming oriented. Everyone who has ever tried coding in Blender has usually given up on it.

Blender 3.2.1 will be dedicated to Substance, it’s a major change in the way Blender deals with files. It will allow the.blend to be separated into Substance files which will contain animation, materials and light information, alongside the raw Blender file.

Substance is an asset management system that enables complex image-based effects and materials in an integrated plugin-based workflow. Blender already has a lot of support for Substance since Blender 2.5. Previously, Blender could only create files with Blender’s native Mesh and Mesh information in them, and these are not compatible with Substance. The new Blender 3.2 system replaces these files with Substance-specific data and allows the user to simply combine Substance and Blender assets in every way Blender itself allows.

In Blender 3.2, we have included support for the Substance File Formats. Substance’s Subsurface Shading Model is a powerful new node-based material for Blender. This has been used in many commercial projects, including the latest version of Minecraft, Second Life, and a variety of other real time rendering environments.

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Importing scene formats are still a nightmare in Blender. It took me hours to figure out why my simple animation settings are not exported correctly, and why I cant import.unity3d (and others) with a single mouse click… The inability to easily create from the viewer a 3D viewport that would export as a regular.obj file (and then be visible in other viewers) is really a stupid addition to the default viewer. A single click “export to obj” would be awesome!

Two of the top features Blender already had and which it should have kept are the “influence” and “solver” viewport buttons. I swear that these were removed in 3.1… Sigh. The UI needs the whole UX design team to redo all the buttons in Blenders GUI so we can have more than 4 at once. It should be possible to have even more than that, while keeping the framerate steady. The art team should also take a good look at Blenders UI during these changes: try to make everything in the UI “discrete”, avoiding vanishing buttons and controls, for example. Hide UI controls if they are not required.

While the UI is getting a lot of love, the real love should go in maintaining and improving the amazing software behind. Then we can fix the UI all we want, because we get the “real” Blender for free.
Blender is absolutely a masterpiece of a software. It is for me the Swiss Army Knife of 3D tools, allowing me to edit, paint, sculpt, create models, light them, animate them, export them, render them, do rendering, all with a single tool. Blender is a complex software, very powerful, but also very difficult to use when you want to, say, create a character rig. The interface is fragmented and confusing, the workflow is different in every aspect, the documentation is horrible, and the dependencies for such a complex software are a nightmare to handle. Blender takes hours to figure out when you install it for the first time.

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What’s new in Blender 3D 3.2.1?

The number of hours it takes in blender is a ridiculous and must be improved if the new way that blender tries to handle it, doesnt work that’s why the old release version is still in active. As a blender user, i will always prefer to have the latest version of blender.

the thing that bugs me the most when the latest version of blender is the version that is being used by the organization is that they only use the version that is on the computer they use and that computer is being used. Basically i use to work from home and no the version that i use is the x.0 version. so if blender wasnt updated to the x.0 version that i use it will have problems because this version would not be able to be used for a project and i can’t just download a new version because i can’t use it. please blender devs it is no good for the users if you make a version of blender that can only be use by the computer the user uses.

It’s time for Blender to come to us more as a feature it’s not as a feature, it’s how it should be, something we can invest in and do as a creative team. Not some stupid and cool extra that is one of a kind.

Ok so, blender is not that big a program and the features is it’s only around 6000+ lines of code. to me, it’s not that much code to have that features and the new features is a huge upgrade and really is a big step forward for blender. There’s a lot of people that don’t like for blender to change, but we are always trying to make blender the best program we can make it. So, it’s not changing blender is changing blender.

This is a help page for Blender version 3.2.1. In the text on the page, you’ll find information about what’s new in this release, how to upgrade your Blender installation, and known issues. You can also use the links on the left to jump to information about features, known issues, release notes, and so on.

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Blender 3D 3.2.1 System Requirements

Blender 3D 3.2.1 System Requirements

  • OS <= Windows 7 32/64-bit
  • GCC <= 3.3.6
  • CMake <= 2.6.4
  • Python <= 2.7, 3.x
  • Python >= 2.7, 3.x
  • GLEW <= 1.5.1
  • OpenGL <= 2.1
  • Python >= 3.3, 3.x

Blender 3D 3.2.1 Features

Blender 3D 3.2.1 Features

  • New defaults for the Animaddon
  • Improved decimate
  • Smarter baking system in 2.5
  • Geometry brushes can now read obj’s geometry directly
  • Textured images can now be shared in the exr format
  • Typographical layout may be better for larger displays
  • Repair tool now accepts many mesh objects
  • Preferences dialog now appears on file open
  • Preferences dialog can now be saved
  • Pipeline system is more flexible
  • Added -force pref to importer
  • Added -fileprefs to importer
  • Repaired the power of the python scripting interface
  • Textured images can now use a texturemap baked into a texture with mesh support and deformation
  • New gizmos for texture space and texturing
  • Smarter support for the Bevel seam removal algorithm

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