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AppTrans Pro Cracked + With Pro Keygen Download Free x32/64 Bits Version

AppTrans can also work between the two iPhone, whether on the same account or different accounts. Still, be careful: once you transfer the data to another account, you will lose your data and stop using this new account. Hence, we do not recommend this. But how about re-backing up the data from the mobile phone to a new iPhone, do you know that it is not a good idea? Because some of the data transferred will be removed if it is restored, such as WhatsApp messages and pictures.

Do you want to transfer the app settings between iPhone 8 and iPhone 12 or Samsung S8 and iPhone 12? The AppTrans Pro will do all in one. You just need to set the priority of the data you want to transfer. It is very clear because AppTrans offers options for you to choose: you may transfer the data according to the following guidelines: move all the apps, move only some of the apps or move the data without apps. All apps and data can be transferred at one time.

Of course, after you connect the phone, it will take a while to transfer all the data, and most likely you will encounter various problems along the way. Meanwhile, you may run into a problem that AppTrans have not moved WhatsApp yet, so you have to delete and re-download WhatsApp again. Can you make the situation better?

Just click “Move Apps” and “Move Apps Data” to transfer the data from an old phone and new phone. No matter it is 32-bit, 64-bit, mobile Apple, or Android system. Just count on AppTrans Pro and you will see its efficiency.

Some people do not like to touch and install new apps. If you just want to update the apps you have installed, you may go to the AppStore and get the latest version of the app. But if you want to transfer the entire app and install it on the other phone, then AppTrans will be your good helper. Of course, if the source phone also comes with the latest apps, you can update the apps in AppTrans as well. Or you have a backup, you can use it as the update.

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AppTrans Pro Crack With Serial Key For Windows x32/64

AppTrans Pro Crack With Serial Key For Windows x32/64

This plug-in empowers users to allocate data from one mobile phone to a new one in a way users may like better. It connects the gap and offers one-click right to use to help users transfer the whole data with no trouble across iOS and Android phones or tablets. Its interface comes fitted out with extraordinary quality features that are super- beneficial for all kinds of users no matter proficient or beginners. That’s AppTrans Pro Full Crack!

One-click, from one phone to another. No additional input from you is required! AppTrans enables you to effortlessly move app data. The moment you launch the app, you will be delighted with its simplicity. A quick task at a time and no need for your authentication.

The application comes with cool animations during ongoing tasks, ease of use, instructions when needed (for example, how to trust or turn off Find My iPhone), etc. All these exhibits that the developers have put in a lot of thought to build this software.

AppTrans comes with a couple of cool features too such as transferring WhatsApps chats from one phone to a new one, or a combination of both, as well as restoring WhatsApp chats from a Google Drive backup to iPhone or an iTunes backup without erasing existing data, etc.

How to Install AppTrans Pro AppTrans Pro is a free application. In order to install the software, you need to have the Android version of 2.2.1 or newer. Download the file, extract the file, run the file, and install AppTrans. After installing the software, AppTrans Pro will run automatically.

AppTrans not only restores WhatsApp chats but also restores app data from a Google Drive backup to iPhone or an iTunes backup without erasing existing data. But AppTrans Pro is also a pretty good video editor. You can now extract video from a YouTube downloader and convert it to AVI or MP3. You can also extract audio from YouTube downloader and convert it to MP3.

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AppTrans Pro Review

AppTrans Pro Review

To save data for iPhone users, if you switch to a new iPhone, AppTrans Pro supports two-way data transfer. You can transfer and merge the data of all apps, chats and photos within the old iPhone to the new one without invalidating any data on the old iPhone.

AppTrans Pro for Android users enables you to back up all apps and apps from the old to the new phone. Also, you can use it as data backup and restore with two-way data transfer. Along with that, it helps you move WhatsApp backups and conversations from one iPhone to another.

AppTrans Pro is now updated to version which enables you to import and export data from iPhone to Android and Android to iPhone. This is a Wi-Fi data transfer solution that supports Wi-Fi, USB, FTP, and SMB. You can also transfer the app data and WhatsApp chats of any smartphone on iOS, Windows, and Android platforms. It enables you to transfer the content of all apps and contacts. It supports transfer from iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone, and iPhone to Windows.

AppTrans Pro allows you to transfer data from the iPhone to another iPhone. It also enables you to import and export data from iPhone to Android and Android to iPhone via a Wi-Fi hotspot. AppTrans Pro supports Wi-Fi, USB, FTP, and SMB to import or export the data.

For those who want to backup settings of their device or back up other apps, it can be achieved with AppTrans for iOS and Android. I am impressed with the storage space it saves. It doesn’t affect the performance. Thus, it is the perfect program for users with limited phone storage space.

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AppTrans Pro Features

AppTrans Pro Features

  • Available for all Android phones.
  • No need to install any software. It is a simple to use and user-friendly app.
  • Convert to backup files in various formats including zip, txt, gzip, txt, 3gp, 3g2, mp3, mp4, eta, wav and more.
  • Analyze each converted file in the details.
  • Transfer app data, app backup, images, contacts, WhatsApp, call logs, WhatsApp and more to another device.
  • Support WiFi Transfer, iTunes backup, Bluetooth transfer, and Auto transfer.
  • Support single-click restore to restore the entire app or selected parts of it.
  • Support drag & drop to restore apps into any place.
  • Save the progress of the transfer in the app.
  • Backup and restore all the data in the selected range on your Android phones.
  • Support to backup both single-app backup and batch backup.
  • Support to backup WhatsApp with full settings.

What’s new in AppTrans Pro

What's new in AppTrans Pro

  • Added improved QR code scanning experience. With the new iOS 9 function, we have optimized the loading of the QR code to improve scanning experience. The app has the most secured settings, including masking out the QR code and shorten the length of the QR code. When you have received the app screen for the first time, you can provide the app with permission to scan your QR code.
  • Added a barometer function to show the air pressure. You can compare your location to other places on the map. In addition, you can find the weather forecast at that location and search for other places close to your location with the following features: barometer function, weather forecast, and geocode function.
  • Added a 2D map (globe) to help you when you get lost. It can not only guide you to your destination but also guide you to the event or shop you are looking for.
  • Added Chinese language support.
  • Added a tutorial for the Pro edition users. It guides you to performing tasks including adding account details for the first time.
  • Added an improved QR code scanner to enable faster tracking of QR codes.

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