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Altium Designer Free Download has a few SMD component footprints that are not supported in PADS Layout. They are TRRS (TinyResistor-Resistor-Resistor-Solder) and TRRM (TinyResistor-Resistor-Resistor-Solder-Metal). For more information on how to use these footprints, please visit the PADSLink SMD Component Footprint section of TechDocs.

Sometimes, the target footprint could still be selected in the PADS Schematic in the PCB Properties, even after the migration. This is usually the result of a round-trip migration. For example, the footprint may have been selected and exported in PADS Layout, and this footprint could still be selected after the round trip. If the designer checks to make sure that the previously selected footprint is now gone, they will find that the target footprint was not selected. In this situation, the designer has two options. First, they can try unchecking the previously selected footprint.

When PCB designs are imported into Altium Designer, there is a possibility that the PCB designer may choose to use the PCB topology as the primary design. This is less common than one would think. Because of this, the footprint library in Altium Designer might have empty holes in some objects on the PCB. In these situations, the hole centers in Altium Designer are filled in. A quick way to locate these areas is to zoom in on the board when it is in schematic view. Often it will be as simple as manually adding the holes back in and resynchronizing. A similar situation could be caused by selecting double-sided copper.

It is not uncommon for Altium Designer to have a copper layer over the silk screen. For example, some assembly engineers could print wiring to be soldered directly to the top or bottom layer of copper. The problem is that this would typically be one or more full copper layers, and in Altium Designer, the copper layers are split by silk screen. This is usually not a problem, but could cause issues for the designer.

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There are two reports included with Altium Designer that you can use for your PADS design. Both of these reports are general reports that can provide you with a summary of data like parts placed, delays, clearance violations and much more. There is also a report that is based on a combination of.PADS and.PADSH files. This report will filter any duplicates, changes in hierarchy, and filtered parts. It includes a Summary of components that were created and any notes that may have been added during the design process.

Deliverables generated by Altium Designer can be automatically checked with the Altium version control integration. In addition, multiple results can be generated and checked simultaneously (each result with different targets) within the Project Manager. Finally, Altium Project Check points are now built-in. You can select a point in the Project Manager to mark a check-in or check-out of your Project.

The New Scene Design mode in Altium Project Manager now supports multi-level scene view controls. This enables you to quickly show and hide groups of scenes, even when a scene mask is turned off.

The Altium Designer editor now displays the status bar at the bottom of each editing window, to provide you with quick access to any editing window. This window is only displayed when the Design View Editor is open.

This section is designed to help you quickly get to grips with the structure and concepts of the Altium Design Rules and SCAD. Rather than cover everything here, we are focussing on the more advanced topics. However, if you want to quickly find out what is available and how to use them, a Quick Start Guide is available on the Altium website.

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What is Altium Designer good for?

What is Altium Designer good for?

The current Altium Designer implementation of the PADS SMT connection rules will allow for the vias that the SMT designer creates to be automatically placed at the correct layer based on the vias names. The old connection rules could often result in the vias being placed on the wrong layer because of the lack of a specific layer name.

There is a new Altium Designer implementation of the PADS Connectivity and Connectivity Rules. Unlike the previous Connectivity Rules, the new one actually allows the designer to preview the PADS Connectivity Rules in the PADS Connectivity dialog. The new PADS Logic Connectivity Rules were also modified to allow for each net class to have a more specific set of PADS Logic properties. For example, one net class could have a net label and a net type, while another only had a net type. In addition, the new rules are less picky about pre-existing properties and allow some renaming.

Altium Designer does not use trailing periods, so the net name “12a” would be treated as “12a.” There is a chance, however, that trailing periods will be needed if Altium Designer is used as a plug-in to PADS, which would use trailing periods to represent a netnames such as .

One way to locate this issue is by a visual inspection of the design. A better approach relies on there being a corresponding PCB design that has also been translated from PADS Layout to Altium Designer. Once the schematic and Printed Circuit Board are synchronized, running an ECO will show when the system attempts to rename a net. This is a good indication that there is a connectivity issue in the schematic, that was not intended in the original design

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What’s new in Altium Designer

What's new in Altium Designer

  • New Layers and Insulation methodologies added, with new example insulating layers with numerical values representing their pad sizes. The previously implemented methodology of assigning insulating pad sizes by quarter of the mask layer has now been deprecated in favor of the new methodology.
  • The Layers and Insulation tool now allows you to change the use of mask layers .
  • Other improvements in the tool including a warning if insulating layers already exist on a metal layer.
  • The Manage Ground Networks dialog now allows you to create the layout of a ground plane by dragging component footprints on to the ground mask layer, instead of just being able to define the ground plane.

Altium Designer Features

  • Clean, simple, and useful design workflow
  • Save time and effort by sharing designs with stakeholders
  • Assist team members in tracking designs throughout their life cycles
  • Help manage and keep track of the relationships between parts and assemblies
  • Create and manage libraries of parts and assemblies
  • Track history of views and processes, as well as change requests

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